Mark Laufersweiler
Research Data Specialist
University of Oklahoma

Tyler Pearson
Director of Informatics
University of Oklahoma

The National Research Platform’s Nautilus project, a hosted Kubernetes framework, serves as the basis for the University of Oklahoma Libraries to create custom computing environments that focus on the needs of instructors, students, and researchers. This session will report on the outcomes of the first year of a pilot hosted by the University Libraries Digital Strategies and Innovation unit. Participants included faculty and students from the School of Meteorology who needed a Python coding environment and a faculty member from Women’s and Gender Studies who needed a text analysis coding environment. The presenters will outline workflows and tools (e.g., Docker containers) used to address the requirements of the computing environments and to facilitate the Libraries’ ability to respond to configuration requests. The team shared their workflows with other institutions, helping them to identify improvements and to encourage further collaboration.

NSF Nautilus Project:

Univ of Oklahoma GitLab:

Impact Report Fiscal Year 2022, University Libraries, University of Oklahoma: “Davis Pilots New NSF-supported Nautilus Program; UL Expertise Eases Access to High-Powered Computing Technology for OU Campus, National Partners” p.5:

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